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Philips EnduraLED

Publicado a 06/01/2011, 01:08 por House Work   [ atualizado a 06/01/2011, 01:14 ]

Mais um lançamento da Philips a experimentar:

Light-emitting diode (LED) technology is what powers the light displays on many of the tiny electronics you own. But just because your house is bigger than a digital camera doesn’t mean you should waste any more energy trying to light it. Until recently, the prevailing alternative to conventional incandescent lighting has been compact fluorescent technology. But some consumers don’t care for CFL bulbs and they still consume more energy than comparable LED lights introduced last year by Philips.

In addition to the Philips flood lights we reviewed recently, the “health and well-being” innovator offers a complement of lighting at lower wattages. The AmbientLED 12.5W A-Shape indoor bulb replaces the most common incandescent in use today, using less energy than a 60-watt A19 bulb and lasting over eight times as long at a savings of $140 over its lifetime.

The AccentLED candle is ideal for use in sconces and other decorative fixtures, and lasts up to 10 years using less energy than a typical 15-watt incandescent candle.

Finally, the AccentLED mini reflector in both MR16 and GU10 models, is designed for use in track lighting and recessed ceiling fixtures. These three-watt options replace equivalent standard 20-watt and 35-watt halogen bulbs, respectively, at over eight times the life and a savings up to $96 over that span. Intended to highlight objects at close range, the inherent heat- and UV-free properties of Philips LEDs mean that plants, art, wall hangings and fabrics won’t be affected by the fading, dehydrating and scorching common with incandescent lights.

Native to all Philips LEDs is instant activation, quiet operation and solid-state construction at one-third the CO2 emissions of standard bulbs. They even warn you when they’re dying, fading rather than burning out abruptly. Combine that with the lives saved by reducing the incidence of stepstool stumbles and we can all finally afford to stop living by cell phone light.


Philips LED lightning saves energy, money, lives
Posted 01.05.2011 at 3:07 pm